Munifa journey to Canada

Munifa Ahmed had moved to Canada in February 2017 from Saudi Arabia, originally from Ethiopia. She has lived all over, from the Sahara desert to the horn of Africa up to the far west coast of Canada. The rich exposure of different cultures and languages has increased her awareness and developed her leadership. In Toronto, she volunteered and worked to support newcomers through their transition phase. By utilizing every opportunity for personal and professional growth, she learned new technical skills for pivoting toward tech sector in BC.

Since September of 2018, she had acquired Web Development and Digital Marketing certificate that helped her to successfully land her position as Data Analyst and Marketer. Currently ,outside of work, she is focusing her passion and leadership skills to increase public awareness about how individual actions can have an impact on the climate: she joined the Beyond Borders cohort at SFU and founded the SmartMeat app.To address one of the major global problems climate change and climate migration.

Munifa journey to Mother Earth

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