Welcome, I wish you Peace, Salam.
My name is Munifa and
I am a Multipotentialite

About Me

As a global citizen, I lived all over from the Sahara desert to the horn of Africa up to the far west coast of Canada. The rich exposure of different cultures and languages have increased my awareness and developed my leadership. Since moving to Canada in 2017 from Saudi Arabia originally Ethiopian, I had launched a career in tech as a Digital Analyst.

From Marketing -> Administration-> Reiki Healing -> Coding -> Data Analyzing, you can tell that I get easily bored and Love to be challenged to Grow continuously. Through my quest for knowledge and kindness, I found profound passion and connectedness with nature. Thus, I founded the SmartMeat App to explore technology solutions that increase the awareness public on how individual actions can impact the climate and environment.

Multipotentialite, summarizes me well. A person who has many different interest and creative pursuits in life. This is Munifa in a nutshell!...

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SmartMeat App - A Call from Mother Earth


To help in building the largest network of app community where you are empowered through tackling climate challenges collectively.


To raise eConsciousness and help you manage your personal carbon footprint to have positive impact. #LessMeat_LessHeat_MostofLife

We can see a change created through a story that connects us with nature and with each other with the purpose of saving Mother Earth.

We are researching and developing the app to best serve you. To stay updated and receive emails, we would love to have you be part of this story to help build a green community.

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“How can I reduce my carbon footprint…?”

This is one of the most common questions searched on Google after arising awareness, strikes and crisis around the globe. From stop driving to zero waste life, most are challenging to systematically create consistent behavioural change in our daily life.

By: Munifa Ahmed
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